Flags of UK and Ireland folded together

Irish History Film Collection

L'Irlanda, terra dannata, terra di conquista, ma anche luogo di memoria. Un irlandese non dimentica, un irlandese tramanda di generazione in generazione i ricordi del passato. Lo si sente dire nei pub, lo si narra agli stranieri, lo si annota nei libri e lo si documenta nei film. Un conflitto plurisecolare che negli ultimi decenni è imperversato soprattutto nel Nord dell'Isola, quell'Ulster oggetto di una Partition mai digerita dai cattolici irlandesi. Storie di martiri e di eroi del nostro tempo e di tempi più remoti, vicende sconosciute archiviate in vecchie VHS, trasferite nei più moderni DVD ed oggi collezionati in un archivio digitale unico al mondo, che comprende oltre 200 film e documentari storici e politici che narrano della storia di un popolo, quello irlandese appunto, alla costante ricerca della propria indipendenza dall'occupazione britannica. Otto secoli di storia da cui poter attingere per semplice curiosità o assoluta passione. Ireland, a damned land and a land of conquest, but also a place of memory. An Irishman does not forget, an Irishman passes on the memories of the past from generation to generation. You hear it said in pubs, it is told to foreigners, it is noted in books and documented in films. A centuries-old conflict that in recent decades has raged especially in the north of the island, that Ulster object of a Partition never digested by Irish Catholics. Stories of martyrs and heroes of our time and of more remote times, unknown events archived in old VHS, transferred to the most modern DVDs and now collected in a digital archive unique in the world, which includes over 200 historical and political films and documentaries that narrate of the history of a people, the Irish one, in constant search of its independence from the British occupation. Eight centuries of history from which you can draw from simple curiosity or absolute passion. Tiocfaidh àr là

Irish History and Troubles – The Greatest Collections made of more than 200 films. Write me to take a look or join Irish History & Troubles Stories Facebook Group                                                                                             


o Easter Commemoration 2011 – Belfast

o Famine to freedom

o The Shankill Butchers

o The Plough and the stars

o Curious journey by Kenneth Grifffith (about Easter Rising)

o IRA our fallen Oglaigh

o Rebel Heart (4 docs complete series)

o The funerals of the forgotten ten

o The North of ireland in the 80’s

o Tom Barry – Guerilla days in ireland

o Dan Breen – My fight for irish freedom

o Peacefire (Film about life in the North of Ireland after the ceasefire)

o Northern Ireland Hope

o Kieran Nugent: H block Story (amateur live)

o The war in South Armagh

o Secret recording of Stakeknife

o Ní saoirse go saoirse na mBan

o The “BIG” Joe McCann

o Ruc brutality confessions

o Voices from the Grave (Brendan Hughes and David Ervine confessions)

o The irish fight for freedom

o Claudy Bombing

o MI5 & IRA

o The Derry Brigade

o Easter rising 1916

o How the celts saved Britain

o A history of the Popes

o Bono: Ireland’s greatest

o Christy Ring: Ireland’s greatest

o The limits of liberty

o Brian Boru

o Irish Destiny

o Ira man Tom Malone escape from Spike Island Prison

o George Plant Agus IRA

o Frongoch Internment Camp

o Informers, touts and cowards

o Cumann na mBan

o The writing of Pearse

o Seachtar na Casca; Tom Clarke

o Seachtar na Casca; James Connolly

o Seachtar na Casca; Joseph Plunkett

o Seachtar na Casca; Thomas McDonagh

o Seachtar na Casca; Sean McDiarmada

o Seachtar na Casca: Eamonn Ceannt

o Seachtar na Casca: Padraig Pearse

o The life of Frank Aiken

o Up! Went Nelson

o Irish Bare Knuckle Boxing

o The Battle of the Somme 1916

o The life of Gerry Adams

o A war of children (1972 movie played in Belfast)

o Irish women revolutionaries

o Orange marches and RUC brutality on the Lower Ormeau Road

o RIC the forgotten force

o UDR a question of loyalty

o Toughest town Belfast

o The year London blew up

o Secret history of the IRA

o Cromwell in Ireland

o The Jubilee Plot

o Bloody Sunday events

o Bloody Sunday Inquiry

o Life and death of Tom Williams: irish martyr and patriot

o Wexford’s first rebellion 1793

o Nelson Pillar (Dublin) the day that they blew it up

o Ireland: a history (by Robert Kee)

o Ira on our streets and countryside

o The story of Celtic Fc

o Hunger Strikers Commemoration 2009 in Galbally

o Irish Destiny

o The Ira and Libya

o Nazi’s in Ireland

o Irish Taoiseachs

o The Jackets Green

o Operation Banner

o Blanketmen (NEW 2009)

o Volunteers Brendan Burns & Brendan Moley South Armagh PIRA

o Streets of Belfast: Shankill Road + Shankill in 1973 and Shankill Bomb of 1993.

o Streets of Belfast: Falls Road

o Streets of Belfast: Mersey Street and Donegal Street

o Operation Banner secret files : an analysis of military operations in NI: 98 pages pdf

o RIR: The Parade of Shame (Belfast 2009)

o Talk to Jazeera – Martin McGuinness

o The day the troubles began

o The troubles i’ve seen

o Brendan “The Dark” Hughes

o The Belfast Blitz

o The Crumlin Road Gaol

o Donegal Street and the Half Bap (Belfast)

o Clifton Street Cemetery

o Belfast in 1969

o The towers of New Lodge

o Crossmaglen demilitarisation parade+ Crossmaglen Parade+Clonoe Martyrs + Shantallow Martyrs

o The Disappeared during the Troubles NEW 2009!!!

o Dublin Poverty – Mounty Pleasant Buildings in the 60’s

o The streets of Belfast NEW 2009!!!

o History of the Irish Republican Army

o Ira Women in struggle

o The Catholics in Ardoyne + The siege of Holy Cross School Tv Report

o Cork in 1902 (Sweet Cork of Thee)

o Brits in South Armagh

o Gerry Adams in free State Ambush 1994

o Get Michael Collins

o The great Famine

o Ira border campaign 1953-1959

o Hang up your brightest colours Michael Collins

o Michael Collins: Ireland’s bravest sons

o Anglo-Irish War

o Lord Mountbatten & IRA: Return to Mullaghmore

o ETA and Batasuna

o Spanish Civil War

o Children & Troubles in Northern Ireland

o De Valera: Ireland’s hated hero

o The forgotten ten: Mountjoy prison execution

o The life of Ruari Brugha

o Rise of Lower Shankill

o Big Guns: The Ira and the border regions

o War and peace in Ireland

o Kilmichael Ambush & Rebel County

o Remebering Bob Doyle

o The life of Martin Meehan

o The history of British Army from Flanders to Falklands

o The Gunmen who never went away (CIRA RIRA 2009)

o The life and death of Mairead Farrell

o Irish Outlaws: Dominic Mc Glinchey, Liam Lynch, Ned Kelly

o The Ira Intelligence War in Dublin

o Gibraltar and Milltown Martyrs

o Unlocking the Maze: The greatest escape 1983

o The H-Blocks (new 2009!!!)

o Earnie O’Malley & the I.R.A

o The Ballyseedy Massacre 1923

o Unbowed Unbroken (Doc. on 1981 Hunger strike)

o Collection of 98 newpapers pages of 70’s in dvd

o Collection of over 300 posters available in DVD!!!!

o Collection of 3847 political murals from all over the world in DVD (2000 from Northern Ireland)!!!

o Mise Eire

o The history of Ireland: from Celts to the modern day state

o Rocky Road To Dublin (Peter Lennon Documentary)

o Face-Off De Valera vs.Churchill

o A State apart: Separate Government

o A State apart: Civil Right Movement

o A State apart: Hunger Strike

o A State apart: Ulster workers council strike

o A State apart: Agreement

o 800 yrs. Irish History Conquest (2 dvds)

o Why guns remained silent in Cork & The Burning of Cork

o Capt.Kelly Evidence of the Colonel +”Secret Orders & The Jury” “1970 Arms trial revisited”

o Flight of the earls

o The Catalpa Rescue – Greatest Irish prison escape

o Michael Collins The Shadow of Bealnablath

o Irish Warriors Of The Emerald Isle

o Irish Mob and Mafia

o Provos Ira and Sinn Fein series

o Loyalists series

o British Army in Northern Ireland series

o The Siege of Short Strand

o The Battle of the Bogside

o War and peace in Ireland

o Republican Prison Struggle

o The Falls Road Curfew: 3 days in july. (inc.Ballymurphy and Falls commemoration 2005)

o The Patriot Games + Irish Ways

o Death On The Rock – Sas Shooting in Gibraltar

o Drumcree And The Loyalist Feud

o 40 years of Interface and riots

o For Queen And Country

o Endgame In Ireland

o The History of INLA

o Roll of Honour Together Strong IRA

o Funerals under siege: The Funeral of Larry Marley

o Behind the Mask

o Inside The Maze

o No go: the Free Derry Story

o The Long War: IRA and teh security forces

o Collection of 1000 photos of murals in Northern Ireland

o Collection of 1000 photos people, riots, places, peaceline, etc..

o Hunger Strikers: Memories of 1981

o RUC a force under fire

o In the name of the State: State murders and Loyalist informers

o Scotland’s Secret Shame (Protestant and Catholic Problem)

o SAS in Northern Ireland

o Double DVD with 50 video regarding republican struggle (with republican songs):

  • 1. Belfast 12th July 04

  • 2. Carve

  • 3. Coleraine 12thJuly04

  • 4. Ferguson Murder

  • 5. Siege of Derry

  • 6. Sinn Fein Ira Farc part 1

  • 7. Sinn Fein Ira Farc part 2

  • 8. Sinn Fein Ira Farc part 3

  • 9. Sinn Fein Riot

  • 10. IRA Training

  • 11. Oglaigh Na hEireann

  • 12. IRA Full training

  • 13. Flag Fire

  • 14. The Peoples Army

  • 15. Freedom for Dixie

  • 16. Fields of Athenry

  • 17. Justice for Dixie

  • 18. Derry March

  • 19. RIRA

  • 20. Tiocfaidh Ar Là

  • 21. Free

  • 22. IRSM Hunger Striker March

  • 23. Brian Nelson

  • 24. Unionists Death Squads

  • 25. Bloody Sunday 2006

  • 26. Dublin Riots

  • 27. The Irish Rover

  • 28. 1916

  • 29. Troubles

  • 30. British justice

  • 31. Dirty Old Town

  • 32. Irish Rover

  • 33. RUC Confrontation

  • 34. I predict a riot

  • 35. INLA Freedom Fighters

  • 36. I wont back down

  • 37. Eyes of the RIRA

  • 38. Another one bites the dust

  • 39. Top shot

  • 40. RFB Withewell 1

  • 41. RFB Withewell 2

  • 42. RFB Garngad

  • 43. RFB Calton

  • 44. Raymond McCreesh

  • 45. The Valley of Knockanure

  • 46. Wilderness 1916 – Irish Rover

  • 47. James Connolly March

  • 48. Camlough Mountain Dismantle 1983-2006

  • 49. Before the deluge

  • 50. Bodenstown 2004

o Single DVD with 60 video regarding republican struggle (with republican songs)

  • 1. Brits in action

  • 2. Loughall

  • 3. Easter Prisoners

  • 4. Martin Hurson

  • 5. Easter Prisoners 2

  • 6. Michael Collins Funeral

  • 7. 1980 Hunger Strike

  • 8. Mortar Bomb

  • 9. 1986

  • 10. Orange Order March

  • 11. 1997

  • 12. Documentary on RSF and the CIRA

  • 13. Gibraltar,Milltown,SAS

  • 14. Raining Petrol Bombs

  • 15. Belfast Burns

  • 16. Gun Battle 70’s

  • 17. Reformed RUC

  • 18. Bloody Sunday

  • 19. Gun Battle 70’s 2

  • 20. Republican Resistance

  • 21. Bobby Sands

  • 22. Hijacked Bus in Belfast

  • 23. Riot Footage

  • 24. Bobby Sands Dies

  • 25. Holy Cross

  • 26. Riot 1970’s

  • 27. British Army Fired On

  • 28. Internment

  • 29. RSF Easter 2003

  • 30. British Army Leaving 26 Counties

  • 31. IRA Engeneering Class

  • 32. RSF Hunger Strike Rally

  • 33. Britsh Army on Streets of Dublin

  • 34. IRA Split ’69

  • 35. British Spy Camera’s

  • 36. IRA Patrol 70’s

  • 37. Ruairi O’Bradaigh 1999

  • 38. Civil War

  • 39. IRA Training Camp

  • 40. Ruairi O’Bradaigh 2003

  • 41. Civil War Footage

  • 42. IRA Will Always Be Around

  • 43. RUC Confrontation

  • 44. Continuity IRA

  • 45. Ireland United

  • 46. RUC Hit with Petrol Bomb

  • 47. Cumann na mBan

  • 48. Irish Republican Army

  • 49. Super Grass

  • 50. Duke Street- The Origin of the Troubles

  • 51. The Battle of the Bogside

  • 52. Easter Commemoration 1980’s

  • 53. Falls Road Curfew

  • 54. Marching Band

  • 55. Fighting in Dublin over the Treaty

  • 56. Micheal Stones Attack on Milltown

  • 57. Firing Party

  • 58. Four Courts Attacked

  • 59. Free Derry

  • 60. Geraldine Taylor 2003

o Mad dog Adair and Nazi Nick

o We will remember them (dedicated to all irish martyrs who gave their life for freedom)

o When Ireland starved – irish Famine

o The Irish Genocide

o The INLA: an investigation

o Hidden Hand – Dublin & Monaghan bombings

o Suspect Community – Irish people in Britain

o The story of the Birmingham Six

o An Fhírinne – Collusion video

o IRA Disarm + The McGurk Bar massacre (interviews & report)

o IRA Volunteers: Sean Savage and Kevin McCracken

o In the death cell-The voice of H Block

o 1916: The man who lost Ireland

o Martin Meehan & Terence “Cleaky” Clark

o Irish women Political prisoners

o Loughall martyrs 20th Anniversary: Padraig McKearney, Jym Lynagh, Tony Gormley, Eugene Kelly, Seamus Donnelly, Gerard O’Callaghan, Declan Arthurs, Paddy Kelly.

o Ireland: Behind the Wire (torture of Irish civilians by the British forces in Northern Ireland)+N.Ireland in the 70’s+The troubles in Northern Ireland: a brief history.

o British State Collusion: Brian Nelson & UDA

o Murder on Main Street (The brutal shooting of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe)

o The troubles news clips 1988-1989

o Milltown Cemetery

o Edentubber Martyrs

o Seamus McElwain: Revolutionary Freedom Fighter

o Rest in peace: IRA funerals: Brendan Hughes, Brian Keenan, Joe Cahill, Johnny White, Crip Mc Williams, Bobby Sands, Patsy O’Hara, Hugh Duffy, Thomas McElwee, Francis Hughes, IRA Funeral & Corporal killings, Brendan Burns, Martin Hurson

o Exclusive: IRA propaganda video from 1997

o Family Feud – Ballympurphy

o Car Bombs and the IRA

o Off our knees (1988 Documentary on Civil Rights in Northern Ireland, presented by Bernadette Devlin-McKaliskey.)

o Football, Faith and Flutes (Powerfull documentary from 1995 highlighting the different Faiths and cultures among the Old firm in Glasgow)


o Omagh

o The wind that shakes the barley

o H3

o Some Mother’s son

o Hidden Agenda

o Song for a raggy boy

o Into the West

o IRA King of nothing

o You me and Marley

o MickyBo and Me

o Martin McGartland: Fifty Dead men walking

o Hunger (Cannes film festival)


o Spanish Armada

o The Battle of Naseby

o Boudicca’s Revolt

o The Battle Hastings

o The Battle of Culloden

o The battle of Britain 1940

o The English Civil War – Cromwell

o The Battle of the Boyne 1690

o Falklands War


o Hunger Strike25th Anniversary Special edition – pdf 12 pages

o Ira explosives handbook – intelligence report from northern ireland – pdf 34 pages

o Handbook for volunteers of irish republican army – Notes on guerrilla warfare 33 pages

o The green book of Ira – 17 pages

o The great irish famine – 117 pages

o The longest war – Northern Ireland’s troubled history – 217 pages

o Gale Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture Vol.1-2 – 1116 pages

o A popular history of Ireland – From the earliest period to the emancipation of the Catholics – 388 pages – pdf

o Battle of the Boyne 1690-The Irish campaign for the English Crown – 50 pages

o Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens 450 pages

o Osprey – Men at arms – The Irish defence forse since 1922 – 27 pages illustrated

o The Committee: Political assassination in Northern Ireland – Sean McPhilemy

o Security Forces in Northern Ireland 1969-92 – 66 pages illustrated

o The Irish Defence Forces since 1922 – 27 pages illustrated

o Impact of the Human Rights Act 1998 HRA – Lost on the Way Home, The Right to Life in o Northern Ireland – 22 pages

o The Newlodge in 1999

o The Newlodge Blitz 1941

o The Newlodge Murals

o The Barrack / Victoria Bks

o Newlodge Troubles, People and Pictures


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